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Educational seminars

Who does not ask anything will not learn anything. (T. Fuller)

Cognitive seminars are one way to stay in place. It is usually a short, several-hour introduction to new methodologies or trends. It is an opportunity to expand the existing knowledge, to understand how useful it is and worth further study. During them, the mind is exercised, the existing knowledge and skills are remembered, and new aspects are discovered. At the same time, it is an opportunity to look at colleagues from a new angle, to discuss various topics, to develop a more creative approach to your work.

Benefits: Provides focused information on new methodologies for working, communicating, getting to know people, or achieving goals. It also updates existing knowledge and narrows the gap between old and new employees. Looking at the processes taking place in the company from a different perspective, new ideas are discovered.

RS-1. Eneagram and its application in coaching

An engraph is a deeply rooted methodology of cognition of people, revealing the main motives of their behavior, patterns of thinking, life strategies. Its uniqueness in being dynamic shows changes in a state of stress and comfort. The three intellects (emotional, mental, physical) affect our basic needs and emotions differently, thus forming the nine Entypes. Their knowledge helps in both personal life and professional activities.

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RS-2. Metaphor Associative Cards (MAK)

Working with coaching metaphor cards is possible with a variety of individuals or groups, regardless of age, education, or demand. Clear and simple instructions allow you to quickly master this method. You can choose universal or specialized cards, adapted for work with children, couples, injuries. The wide variety allows you to choose the most suitable for the specifics of your job. Their use in coaching sessions or individual techniques is especially effective.

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RS- 3. Archetypes and their influence on human character

According to K.G. Jung, there are instinctive energies expressed in the respective forms of thought, i. archetypes. It is they who help to understand the individual and collective subconscious that influence our choices and way of life. Through archetypes, we can more easily understand our roles, repetitive scenarios, and discover the direction of personal development. Each archetype carries with it a strong energy that can have both creative and destructive power.

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RS-4. Transformations through trance and symbols

The desired human transformations are possible only after reaching a certain state of peace of mind, “disconnecting” external disturbances and establishing internal dialogue. Trance and hypnosis make it quick and easy to do so. This uses trance language, symbols, and follows the stages of hypnosis. The trance silences our inner critic and opens the way to the subconscious, where the desired answers and resources can be discovered with the help of certain characters and scenarios.

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RS-5. Coaching - from hobby to profession

How to become a professional coaching specialist? How to attract customers? What amount to ask for their services? Is it possible to make a living from coaching at all? These and other questions arise for many who want to do coaching. In particular, an analysis of attitudes, values ​​and beliefs is necessary. The next stage is to refine the vision and goals, to identify the niche and the target audience. Strategies are then chosen on how to use your expertise to reach and attract customers.

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RS-6. Author's coaching program

There are some key differences between a coaching session, a session package, and a coaching program. An authored coaching program can simplify customer search, make it easier to attract them, and increase your rates and earnings. By understanding what the main problem your customers have and what their greatest desire is, you can make a coherent plan to move from the current unsatisfactory situation to the desired one. All aspects are important: the objectives, structure, themes and presentation of the program.

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RS-7. Preparation and presentation of the training program

A good training program has an appropriate structure that allows you to reach the mind of each listener, arouse interest, answer questions of concern. Different goals of clients and participants, peculiarities of the training environment, ability to transfer and accept knowledge, all this is necessary to anticipate when preparing the program. The uniqueness and developed qualities of the lecturer help to manage the group, maintain interest throughout the learning process and create conditions for the formation of new skills.

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RS-8. Leadership in coaching style

There are different leadership styles and each can be appropriate for a particular team, depending on the nature of the work and the challenges. A coach practicing coaching or Educational Leadership must have values ​​and competencies that encourage team engagement, creativity, and responsibility. A wide selection of training techniques makes it easier for employees to make decisions, discover new resources, and reconcile personal and company interests.

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RS- 9. Dream Team

The methodology is based on research on the microclimate of the organization. There are five major team dysfunctions that not only prevent the desired results, but also destroy companies from the inside by increasing employee indifference, mistrust, and meeting only personal needs. To empower a team, it is necessary to know how to encourage the involvement of each of its members, the perception of their contribution and the belief in a shared vision. Effective team criteria help to identify the real situation and change in the desired direction.

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RS-10. Application of constellations in coaching

The method of constellations is based on the knowledge that we are part of a certain system, and any change in us or other members of the system affects our reactions and choices. Coaching often includes family layout and social panorama. The principle of performance is the representation of a particular client’s situation or circumstances in space, which helps to better understand the interaction of all participants, discover the causes of problems and make ecological decisions.

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RS-11. Company Coaching Culture

Provides detailed information on the application of coaching in the company, from suitability, readiness, overcoming objections to implementation, successful use and ensuring continuity. It is important to know what criteria can influence the successful implementation of a coaching culture. It is necessary to form an initiative group, focus on employees’ fears, beliefs and their transformation. You will find out at what stages knowledge is acquired, what practical tasks need to be performed and what investments are planned.

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Reda Slavinskaitė

I am a training lecturer, consultant and coaching specialist. Accredited coaching, nlp, enneagram and business coach. Author of the motivational project Re-Act. The main passion has always been search for solutions, analysis of behavioral motives and sharing of knowledge. More than 15 years of leadership experience has helped refine an area where I can be most useful. This is how business consulting, training-based skills development and, of course, coaching have emerged in my life.

Enneagram has become an all-encompassing and highly explanatory method that greatly facilitates both personal and professional communication. Its practical use gradually evolved into professional, both in coaching sessions and in training new Enneagram specialists.

Activity: Training of Enneagram, Coaching and NLP specialists. Business consulting and training. Direction – improvement of motivation and communication, optimization of processes. Individual coaching sessions.

Certificates: NLP Trainer, Coaching Trainer, Enneagram Coach Trainer, Business Coach Trainer (ICTA). NLP and Coaching Specialist (ICU). Additional specializations: Ericksonian Hypnosis, Eneagram in Coaching and Counseling, Metaphorical Cards. Master of International Business and Finance.

We had a goal to learn how to work more smoothly, delegate tasks, give feedback. The playful and illustrative presentation of knowledge is definitely the merit of the lecturer. The training simply engulfed and sparked a deeper interest. It is now easier to predict whether an employee is suitable for a particular position, what tasks will perform flawlessly, what motivations motivate them to act.
These trainings are useful not only for productive work in a team, but also in personal life.

Jolita Buračienė

Kad gautumei tokias struktūruotas, koncentruotas, o tuo pačiu pavyzdžiais iliustruotas žinias - nepakaktų ir kalno psichologinių knygų perskaitymo :)
Lektorė Reda - puiki profesionalė! Aiškiai dėliojo akcentus, nuosekliai perteikė medžiagą, atidžiai sekė dalyvių refleksijas.
Man buvo vienas stipriausių ir giliausių seminarų apie savo ir aplinkos elgesį, reakcijas, tarpusavio santykius, plečiantį suvokimą, iš kur tai kyla. Buvo vietų, kai sau pačiai erzulį keliantys "įstrigimai" nušvito iki BINGO!!
Įdomu, naudinga, praktiška ir veiksminga - tereikia nuoseklumo palaikant "vidinio stebėtojo" įgūdį.

Vita Mačiulė / Neuroedukatorė. Neurografikos instruktorė

The strength of the training is the work of the lecturer. Structure, clarity, specificity, a lot of information, but everything is arranged on clear shelves. During the lecture, there are many examples that help to better understand, and at the same time become more involved. Eneagrama is a particularly fascinating paradox for me: at first glance, it may seem like it’s putting people on certain shelves, but there are deep mechanisms inside it. When I started studying, it didn't stop, I fell in love and now I see it everywhere.

Paulina Botyriūtė

How to become a good coach? I have been skeptical of coaching and coaching for a long time. It still seemed to me that they were baking like pancakes during Mardi Gras. But after a coaching session with Reda Slavinskaitė, the ice cream moved in the right direction. I want to be a coaching specialist and thank you for that, Reda.
I can confidently recommend you to people who stand at the crossroads of choices and lack the courage to go the right way.

Darius Rupšlaukis

It was important for me to discover a methodology for deeper knowledge of people, to understand their behavioral motives, thinking patterns. The diagram met the requirements. A very great format for training: lectures and their recording for repetition of things heard, a small group, homework done in pairs - a great opportunity to repeat the material and communicate with interesting people. I highly recommend it because Reda sincerely shares and conveys knowledge perfectly.

Agnė Anaitė

Mokymo metu labai patiko lektorės kompetencija, patrauklus, betarpiškas, nuoširdus, šiltas, lengvas žinių pateikimas. Buvo naudingos tikslingai skiriamos namų užduotys, kurios padėjo įtvirtinti savo žinias praktikoje. Labai džiaugiuosi konkrečia dalomąja medžiaga, kurią bet kada galiu turėti po ranka.
Labai patiko išsamios žinios apie asmenybės sveikumo ir išsivystymo lygius, apie projekcijas psichoterapiniuose santykiuose. Sužinojau kaip pagal eneagramos tipus suprasti žmonių motyvus, strategijas, pažinti savo pliusus ir minusus.

Aida Bijanskienė / Gimnazijos mokytoja

Personal development, new knowledge and skills have always been and are important to me in life. But no less important is their applicability in the workplace, in achieving goals and improving relationships with employees and among colleagues.
In Redo’s training, and especially in Eneagram, I found answers to myself on how to work better in a team, to whom to delegate work, and what changes need to be made to make work more productive.

Donata Uchockienė

I had to take part in many of Reda's trainings, which help to improve both himself and the team. The trainings of Coaching and Eneagram were the most useful for me, because I learned about new methodologies that are perfectly applicable both at work and in personal life.
I appreciate the lecturer's work perfectly, the teaching style, speed, timbre and presentation of all info are suitable. I would recommend this training to all companies, starting with managers.

Erika Gudeliūnaitė

I wanted to get to know myself and other people better, to learn what principles to follow in order to select the best employees, to understand them, to motivate them properly, to help a newly hired person to get involved in the company's activities faster.
My sincere thanks to the wonderful lecturer Redai for her ideas and valuable lessons. I gained a lot of new knowledge that I had already started to apply in my company. I am sure it will bring great results both at work and in personal life.

Lina Jokubauskienė

Labai patiko pati mokymų sistema, kuri buvo įvairiapusiška:
- suteikta galimybė "išlipti" iš komforto zonos ir bendrauti, diskutuoti ir mokytis su nepažįstamais žmonėmis, tačiau netrūko ir individualių užduočių;
- užduotys įdomios ir praktiškos. šiuolaikiškos;
- patraukli ir susisteminta mokymų medžiaga;
- buvo suteikta galimybė dalintis savo išgyvenimais, jausmais ir mintimis;
- šilta ir maloni atmosfera;
Lektorė visada gerai nusiteikusi, motyvuojanti ir skatinanti pasitempti.

Karolina Šneiderytė / Grožio specialistė

I felt tension at work, which made it difficult to communicate with colleagues and managers. During the sessions, the most enjoyed was the opportunity to get to know and understand oneself better and the specific methods of not taking everything to heart. The ability to separate emerging emotions from the information you actually want to convey is now very helpful.
I think most should improve their emotion management skills. Understand ourselves and what is going on in us. Then it is much easier to come to terms with those around you.

Jekaterina Žilinskaja

Very interesting, relevant and useful trainings. They provided me with both new knowledge and confirmation of the real benefits and applicability of the methods I already use.
Thanks to the lecturer for her professionalism and great adaptation to the audience. I don’t remember such fan training! Telydi success.

Audrius Kurlavičius

The company encouraged me to take part in the training, I wanted to know what it is and how to use it in work practice. I enjoyed all the practical tasks, the theoretical knowledge.
I appreciate the work of the lecturer very positively, I like the presentation of knowledge, great examples and it is very easy to understand everything. I learned to tolerate others more, to listen, not to finger my opinion. The training also gave me more self-confidence and inner peace.

Julija Biveinienė

I participated in distance learning about metaphorical cards. It was a new tool and methodology for working with clients for me, so it was important to get the most comprehensive knowledge and ways to use it. The lecturer presented all the information in a concise, clear and understandable way. I applied the acquired knowledge perfectly at work.
I highly recommend it to all practicing coaching professionals as it is a great tool to help during coaching sessions.

Loreta Kazlauskaitė

It was important for me to learn how to avoid stress in a heavy workload and when interacting with angry customers. I really enjoyed explaining my personality type and how to handle it to keep stress to a minimum. I applied the acquired knowledge not only in work, but also in personal life.
Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get to know and improve themselves better.

Miglė Stumbrienė

I really enjoyed the training because the lecturer led them in an interesting and just enchanting way! Lots of new knowledge and practice. My life has personally changed dramatically thanks to these teachings. I am very grateful and happy!
I definitely recommend Redo’s training to everyone because it teaches you how to overcome both personal and work problems.

Olga Dudoit

Very interesting and relevant coaching application training. During them, you look at yourself, rethink your goals, think about how you interact with others. It becomes clear what and how should be changed for everyone.
Lecturer super! I really enjoyed the many examples of applying practical knowledge in the training.

Monika Rajeckaitė

Mokymai išties naudingi ir dėkinga Redai, kad skatino aktyviai dalyvauti, domėtis, galima buvo drąsiai klausti ir į kiekvieną klausimą gautas atsakymas. Patiko, kad tai nėra sausa teorija, o daug praktikos, įžvalgų, atradimų, situacijų aptarimų ir pavyzdžių. Nors Eneagrama yra apie tipus ir lyg suponuoja, kad viskas yra apibrėžta ir niekur čia nesidėti, bet savo ir kitų tipų pažinimas man suteikė tam tikros laisvės, kad turiu "savybių rinkinį", polinkį reaguoti į situacijas ir kitus žmones tam tikru būdu, bet tuo pačiu Eneagrama yra ir apie dinamiką, galimybes augti.

Tatjana Voitechovič / Personalo specialistė

Man svarbu pažinti save ir aplinką, žmonių mąstymo šablonus ir elgesio modelius. Lektorės profesionalumo ir išsamių mokymų dėka, įgyjau daug naudingų žinių asmenybės tipus, jų vertybes ir įsitikinimus.
Rekomenduoju visiems einantiems sąmoningu raidos keliu. Taip pat įmonių vadovams siekiantiems inovatyvių perspektyvų dirbant su kolektyvu, bei sprendžiant komandos suderinamumo klausimus.

Mindaugas Staniulis / ,,Massage Therapy & Body Energy Balance", Savininkas

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