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Enneagram types

If a character is good, it’s no problem that he has flaws. (Charles de Montesquieu)

Everyone is born with a certain temperament, a tendency to introversion or extraversion, and acquires at that time in childhood the optimal set of qualities necessary for survival and development. As a result of the influencing environment, upbringing, personal characteristics, a unique way of perceiving and accepting reality is formed.

ENEAGRAMA helps to reveal the nine subconscious motives that influence our thinking and encourage action. Depending on which effect is strongest, a unique type of character is formed – Eneatype with its characteristic emotions, reactions, thinking and behavioral strategies. The type of engram remains the same throughout life, but can take on ever new shades depending on our social needs, personal development, frequent presence of stress, or comfort.

The easiest way to determine your type is the Eneagram test.


Other titles: Reformer, Judge, Teacher, Moralist, Critic.

Life Strategy: Take control of yourself and strive for perfection.

Type 1 people are very responsible and honest. Constantly improves himself and the environment. Evaluates rules, follows agreements. Loves to advise and tell people what is right and what is not, with the sacred belief that it will be beneficial to them.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

Collects correct words, sentences are short, pauses, meaningful tone. Tight jaw, pressed lip, posture straight, gestures at bottom, serious. In communication, there is a desire to prove their competence, decency and earn their respect. Anxiety that you are valued.


effectively plan time, set priorities, organize and achieve goals;
comply with rules and procedures, ensure compliance and prevent abuse;
to use wisdom pragmatically, to apply the acquired knowledge in real life;
check processes, notice what is illogical, incorrect, and correct mistakes.

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Type 2. HELPER

Other names: Assistant, Guardian, Empower, Sacrifice, Supervisor, Friend.

Life Strategy: Focus on other people’s needs and thus become irreplaceable.

Type 2 people are great friends, constantly trying to show how important and dear you are to him. They help others first, and only then take care of themselves, sincerely longing for those around them to lack anything. Hopes people will appreciate it and be grateful. They find it difficult to acknowledge their needs and do not ask for help.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

Gentle, calm timbre. Seductive intonation. Talk about loved ones, not yourself. Open close contact, playfulness, smile, open gestures in the heart zone. Communication quickly develops a sense of closeness and a “binding connection”. It’s hard to keep boundaries. Flirt.


empathize with another person’s situation, empathize and encourage other people;
sacrifice their needs to help others, ensure their well-being;
to build close, harmonious relationships, to unite people into communities;
to understand what motivates people, to be inspired by ideas he believes in.

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Other titles: Motivator, Professional, Artist, Example, Communicator.

Life Strategy: Achieve success and admiration for other people.

Type 3 people are very motivated, always busy because they have a lot of goals, ambitions. Everything in them, from gestures, speech to clothing details, demonstrates how successful they are. They are incredibly energetic, capable of doing multiple jobs at once and constantly striving for something. He allocates his time as efficiently as possible, copes flexibly with obstacles and invests in self-improvement.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

Speaks quickly and smoothly, high voice timbre, topics about goals and achievements. High speed, wide smiles, hand movements wide in the heart zone, internal pulsation. Communicating gives you the feeling that you are not successful enough. Willingness to impress with effectiveness and efficiency.


focus on goals, plan work and act to achieve them;
do a lot of work at once and do whatever it takes to succeed;
be a leader, create big plans and take the initiative to implement them;
adapt quickly to change, reorient and work well even under stress.

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Other names: Romantic, Artist, Melancholic, Uniqueness, Aesthetic.

Life Strategy: Compare yourself to other people and strive for uniqueness.

Type 4 people are the most sensitive. Every detail, from the original clothes to the mysterious smile, emphasizes their individuality, uniqueness and exclusivity. Their inner world is full of feelings that need to be expressed. And that helps 4s become genius creators. They like to delve into their own and other people’s experiences, the inner world.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

A gentle voice, dramatizing words, does not complete sentences, “reads thoughts”. Often sighs, blushes, shrunken, sad tired face, hidden emotionality. There is a feeling of hopelessness and sadness in communication. Desire to support, help or cheer.


to help people understand themselves, to experience true deep feelings;
seek and find meaning in every experience (especially painful);
to create unique, precisely perfected works of art;
to express ideas in a very authentic, distinctive, often spiritual style.

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Other names: Researcher, Thinker, Expert, Specialist, Inventor.

Life Strategy: I move away and save energy for knowledge accumulation.

Type 5 people give the impression of knowing absolutely everything. And indeed, their range of thinking is very wide and deep, knowledge encyclopedic, scientific. Don’t be in a hurry to share your wisdom if you are not convinced that the interlocutors are proficient enough to understand this and are really interested in a particular topic. The outside world and relationships with people are intimidating because they take away their personal time and energy.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

Long pauses, concise answers, dry language without emotions, phrases complex. Poor gesticulation, exploratory gaze, neutral face, detached. Communicating gives you the feeling that you are not smart and knowledgeable enough. Discomfort due to lack of emotional feedback.


to process large amounts of information and use scientific methodologies;
analyze, experiment, invent new theories, models or systems;
to think deeply, discuss, philosophize and understand abstract ideas and concepts;
see the full picture and develop long-term strategic goals.

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Other names: Lawyer, Guardian, Fan, Critic, Follower.

Life Strategy: Seek support and support in doubting and checking.

These are the most loyal people who maintain loyalty to a person, a project or an idea even when everyone is turning away. They know how to look deeper into the beautiful facade and see the hidden motives, nuances. These are nice, good people helping the weaker. But they have the other side as well. Skepticism is one of their main characteristics. 6 are constantly in doubt, looking for flaws, possible problems. Do not trust yourself, so look for authorities on the outside. However, addictions later become frightened without being overly influenced and begin to be questioned, tested and provoked.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

Lots of concrete examples, considerations and objections. Can speak and listen at the same time, long sentences, fast language. Asymmetrical posture, caused shoulders, hands in pockets, unreliable running gaze. When you communicate, you feel as if you do not trust you. The desire to put in the effort to calm down and reduce suspicion.


to cooperate, to unite team members for a common goal;
identify shortcomings, anticipate problems and eliminate causes before they occur;
to ensure stability and security, to protect people from possible harm;
to think systematically and solve problems carefully and methodically.

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Other names: Optimist, Entertainer, Commentator, Activist, Dilettante.

Life Strategy: Aim for pleasure by focusing only on the positive.

The 7s are full of ideas and know how to infect those around them. They always want and know how to have a great time. For pleasures and fun you can quickly prepare for an unplanned trip, adore surprises and new acquaintances. There are no problems for them, they are just a source of inspiration. He sees perspectives and opportunities in everything, quickly generates ideas.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

He speaks quickly and a lot, empathizes, breaks easily, asks what they are interested in. Expressive gesture, open smiling face, youthful, intoxicated with positivity. When communicating, a wave of positivity, seduction and playfulness floods. Everything seems to be going well for this man.


think templatelessly and anticipate interesting, creative and new ideas;
act spontaneously, take risks and adapt quickly to any situation;
make connections, communicate and bring together people who could be useful to each other;
notice opportunities, take advantage of other people’s ideas, and create your own.

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Type 8. BOSS

Other names: Leader, Defender, Provocator, Fighter, Leader, Opponent.

Life Strategy: Be strong and in control.

He knows perfectly well what he wants out of life, and without scruples he takes it. They are always ahead and occupying leading positions. Ready to take responsibility because you know exactly what is right and what is not. They are straightforward, outspoken about what they think without any curtains or diplomacy. They literally radiate strength and energy. Take care of your “own”.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

The voice feels strong, he speaks without curtains, he can swear straight, without scruples, he likes black humor. A straight, steady gaze,, domineering gestures, ignores personal space. Communicating involves a sense of strong force and pressure. The desire to withstand provocation, and to prove your strength, to represent your position.


to act with great energy and passion and achieve any set goal;
to reveal people’s potential and opportunities in various situations;
ensure fairness, order and adherence to logical procedures;
take the initiative, successfully develop the business and create financial stability.

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Other Names: Mediator, Mediator, Applicator, Calmer, Dreamer.

Life Strategy: Aim for harmony, calm, and maintain a positive state.

9 people know more than anyone else to create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort around them. Their presence alone reduces existing conflicts and prevents new ones from arising. They have a good understanding of the positions of all parties, can empathize with their situation. Provides unconditional support without demanding anything and even pushing your needs aside. These are calm, positive, kind and peaceful people.

Verbal and non-verbal features:

Silent, gentle voice, sleepy intonation, significant cries. Calm, slow, passive. Gestures are minimal. A dreamy look. There is a comfortable, unhurried atmosphere when communicating. A sense of community, a sleepy serenity.


spread harmony, maintain peace and patience;
to mediate in resolving disagreements, to help see a broader picture and perspectives;
seek and find positive sides in any situation;
deal with crises calmly and perseveringly.

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Join the Enneagram group

Everyone who is interested in the peculiarities of people's characters and motives for behavior, we invite you to join the community, share their insights, observations about the eneagram and communication with representatives of various non-types. In the group you will find a lot of useful information, you will be able to ask your questions and share your experience.

Enneagram and Character



We had a goal to learn how to work more smoothly, delegate tasks, give feedback. The playful and illustrative presentation of knowledge is definitely the merit of the lecturer. The training simply engulfed and sparked a deeper interest. It is now easier to predict whether an employee is suitable for a particular position, what tasks will perform flawlessly, what motivations motivate them to act.
These trainings are useful not only for productive work in a team, but also in personal life.

Jolita Buračienė

Kad gautumei tokias struktūruotas, koncentruotas, o tuo pačiu pavyzdžiais iliustruotas žinias - nepakaktų ir kalno psichologinių knygų perskaitymo :)
Lektorė Reda - puiki profesionalė! Aiškiai dėliojo akcentus, nuosekliai perteikė medžiagą, atidžiai sekė dalyvių refleksijas.
Man buvo vienas stipriausių ir giliausių seminarų apie savo ir aplinkos elgesį, reakcijas, tarpusavio santykius, plečiantį suvokimą, iš kur tai kyla. Buvo vietų, kai sau pačiai erzulį keliantys "įstrigimai" nušvito iki BINGO!!
Įdomu, naudinga, praktiška ir veiksminga - tereikia nuoseklumo palaikant "vidinio stebėtojo" įgūdį.

Vita Mačiulė / Neuroedukatorė. Neurografikos instruktorė

The strength of the training is the work of the lecturer. Structure, clarity, specificity, a lot of information, but everything is arranged on clear shelves. During the lecture, there are many examples that help to better understand, and at the same time become more involved. Eneagrama is a particularly fascinating paradox for me: at first glance, it may seem like it’s putting people on certain shelves, but there are deep mechanisms inside it. When I started studying, it didn't stop, I fell in love and now I see it everywhere.

Paulina Botyriūtė

How to become a good coach? I have been skeptical of coaching and coaching for a long time. It still seemed to me that they were baking like pancakes during Mardi Gras. But after a coaching session with Reda Slavinskaitė, the ice cream moved in the right direction. I want to be a coaching specialist and thank you for that, Reda.
I can confidently recommend you to people who stand at the crossroads of choices and lack the courage to go the right way.

Darius Rupšlaukis

It was important for me to discover a methodology for deeper knowledge of people, to understand their behavioral motives, thinking patterns. The diagram met the requirements. A very great format for training: lectures and their recording for repetition of things heard, a small group, homework done in pairs - a great opportunity to repeat the material and communicate with interesting people. I highly recommend it because Reda sincerely shares and conveys knowledge perfectly.

Agnė Anaitė

Mokymo metu labai patiko lektorės kompetencija, patrauklus, betarpiškas, nuoširdus, šiltas, lengvas žinių pateikimas. Buvo naudingos tikslingai skiriamos namų užduotys, kurios padėjo įtvirtinti savo žinias praktikoje. Labai džiaugiuosi konkrečia dalomąja medžiaga, kurią bet kada galiu turėti po ranka.
Labai patiko išsamios žinios apie asmenybės sveikumo ir išsivystymo lygius, apie projekcijas psichoterapiniuose santykiuose. Sužinojau kaip pagal eneagramos tipus suprasti žmonių motyvus, strategijas, pažinti savo pliusus ir minusus.

Aida Bijanskienė / Gimnazijos mokytoja

Personal development, new knowledge and skills have always been and are important to me in life. But no less important is their applicability in the workplace, in achieving goals and improving relationships with employees and among colleagues.
In Redo’s training, and especially in Eneagram, I found answers to myself on how to work better in a team, to whom to delegate work, and what changes need to be made to make work more productive.

Donata Uchockienė

I had to take part in many of Reda's trainings, which help to improve both himself and the team. The trainings of Coaching and Eneagram were the most useful for me, because I learned about new methodologies that are perfectly applicable both at work and in personal life.
I appreciate the lecturer's work perfectly, the teaching style, speed, timbre and presentation of all info are suitable. I would recommend this training to all companies, starting with managers.

Erika Gudeliūnaitė

I wanted to get to know myself and other people better, to learn what principles to follow in order to select the best employees, to understand them, to motivate them properly, to help a newly hired person to get involved in the company's activities faster.
My sincere thanks to the wonderful lecturer Redai for her ideas and valuable lessons. I gained a lot of new knowledge that I had already started to apply in my company. I am sure it will bring great results both at work and in personal life.

Lina Jokubauskienė

Labai patiko pati mokymų sistema, kuri buvo įvairiapusiška:
- suteikta galimybė "išlipti" iš komforto zonos ir bendrauti, diskutuoti ir mokytis su nepažįstamais žmonėmis, tačiau netrūko ir individualių užduočių;
- užduotys įdomios ir praktiškos. šiuolaikiškos;
- patraukli ir susisteminta mokymų medžiaga;
- buvo suteikta galimybė dalintis savo išgyvenimais, jausmais ir mintimis;
- šilta ir maloni atmosfera;
Lektorė visada gerai nusiteikusi, motyvuojanti ir skatinanti pasitempti.

Karolina Šneiderytė / Grožio specialistė

I felt tension at work, which made it difficult to communicate with colleagues and managers. During the sessions, the most enjoyed was the opportunity to get to know and understand oneself better and the specific methods of not taking everything to heart. The ability to separate emerging emotions from the information you actually want to convey is now very helpful.
I think most should improve their emotion management skills. Understand ourselves and what is going on in us. Then it is much easier to come to terms with those around you.

Jekaterina Žilinskaja

Very interesting, relevant and useful trainings. They provided me with both new knowledge and confirmation of the real benefits and applicability of the methods I already use.
Thanks to the lecturer for her professionalism and great adaptation to the audience. I don’t remember such fan training! Telydi success.

Audrius Kurlavičius

The company encouraged me to take part in the training, I wanted to know what it is and how to use it in work practice. I enjoyed all the practical tasks, the theoretical knowledge.
I appreciate the work of the lecturer very positively, I like the presentation of knowledge, great examples and it is very easy to understand everything. I learned to tolerate others more, to listen, not to finger my opinion. The training also gave me more self-confidence and inner peace.

Julija Biveinienė

I participated in distance learning about metaphorical cards. It was a new tool and methodology for working with clients for me, so it was important to get the most comprehensive knowledge and ways to use it. The lecturer presented all the information in a concise, clear and understandable way. I applied the acquired knowledge perfectly at work.
I highly recommend it to all practicing coaching professionals as it is a great tool to help during coaching sessions.

Loreta Kazlauskaitė

It was important for me to learn how to avoid stress in a heavy workload and when interacting with angry customers. I really enjoyed explaining my personality type and how to handle it to keep stress to a minimum. I applied the acquired knowledge not only in work, but also in personal life.
Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get to know and improve themselves better.

Miglė Stumbrienė

I really enjoyed the training because the lecturer led them in an interesting and just enchanting way! Lots of new knowledge and practice. My life has personally changed dramatically thanks to these teachings. I am very grateful and happy!
I definitely recommend Redo’s training to everyone because it teaches you how to overcome both personal and work problems.

Olga Dudoit

Very interesting and relevant coaching application training. During them, you look at yourself, rethink your goals, think about how you interact with others. It becomes clear what and how should be changed for everyone.
Lecturer super! I really enjoyed the many examples of applying practical knowledge in the training.

Monika Rajeckaitė

Mokymai išties naudingi ir dėkinga Redai, kad skatino aktyviai dalyvauti, domėtis, galima buvo drąsiai klausti ir į kiekvieną klausimą gautas atsakymas. Patiko, kad tai nėra sausa teorija, o daug praktikos, įžvalgų, atradimų, situacijų aptarimų ir pavyzdžių. Nors Eneagrama yra apie tipus ir lyg suponuoja, kad viskas yra apibrėžta ir niekur čia nesidėti, bet savo ir kitų tipų pažinimas man suteikė tam tikros laisvės, kad turiu "savybių rinkinį", polinkį reaguoti į situacijas ir kitus žmones tam tikru būdu, bet tuo pačiu Eneagrama yra ir apie dinamiką, galimybes augti.

Tatjana Voitechovič / Personalo specialistė

Man svarbu pažinti save ir aplinką, žmonių mąstymo šablonus ir elgesio modelius. Lektorės profesionalumo ir išsamių mokymų dėka, įgyjau daug naudingų žinių asmenybės tipus, jų vertybes ir įsitikinimus.
Rekomenduoju visiems einantiems sąmoningu raidos keliu. Taip pat įmonių vadovams siekiantiems inovatyvių perspektyvų dirbant su kolektyvu, bei sprendžiant komandos suderinamumo klausimus.

Mindaugas Staniulis / ,,Massage Therapy & Body Energy Balance", Savininkas

Lektorė nuostabi, dėmesinga, išmananti savo darbą. Mokymai priminė, kad tą pačią situaciją mes matome skirtingai, todėl nereikia primetinėti savo įžvalgų ar nuomonės klientui, o SVARBIAUSIAI visi atsakymai ir sprendimo būdai yra mūsų viduje, tik reikia padėti tai išsiaiškinti.
Patiko teorija, praktika ir namų darbai, galėjau iškart pajausti kortelių teikiamą naudą. Mokymai praverstų visiems, norintiems labiau pažinti save, savo šeimą, aplinką. Dirbantiems su vaikais, jaunimu, suaugusiais, darbuotojų kolektyve: mokytojams, psichologams, personalo specialistams ir kt.

Vilija Austienė / VŠĮ Medicinos ir socialinių tyrimų institutas